Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. & Under the provision of the PFA

✍️Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

The prevention of Food Adulteration Act, (PFA) 1954 operated by the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health was designed for the following purposes :

1.     It formulates and monitors the standard of quality and purity of foods with emphasis on prevention of adulteration of foods.

2.     It is the basic structure intended to protect the common consumer against the supply of adulterated foods.

3.     It makes provision for prevention of adulteration of food and lays down the rule that no person shall manufacture for sale, store, sell or distribute any adulterated or misbranded food or food which contravenes the provision of act or rules.

4.     It has set the yardstick to ascertain adulteration. According to this act, a food is deemed to be adulterated – if:

5.     It is not of the nature, substance and quality, which the food ought to be.

6.     It contains any other substance which affects, or if the article is so processed so as to affect injuriously the nature, substance and quality of the food.

7.     It contains added inferior or cheaper substance that affects the nature and quality of the food.

8.     Any constituent of the food is removed so as to affect injuriously the nature, quality and substance of the food.

9.     It is prepared, packed and stored under unsanitary conditions.

10.           It contains any filthy, disgusting, rotten, decomposed substance of a diseased animal or vegetable substance or is insect-infested or otherwise unfit for human consumption.

11.           The article is obtained from a diseased animal.

12.           The article contains a poisonous ingredient or any other ingredient injurious to health.

13.           The container renders the food injurious to health.

14.           It contains excessive or prohibited colours.

15.           It contains excessive or prohibited preservatives.

16.           It does not satisfy the standards prescribed by the authorities.

✍️Under the provision of the PFA Act, the Government of India has promulgated PFA rules which specifies the following details:

1.     Qualification, duties and functions of food analysts, food inspectors and central food laboratory.

2.     Procedure for drawing test samples and sending them to the analyst and laboratory.

3.     Specification for the identity and purity of food.

4.     Tolerance for contaminants, preservatives, emulsifiers and other additives.


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