Peptic ulcer disease

Peptic ulcer disease (pud) is a condition characterized by erosion of the GI mucosa resulting from the digestive action of HCL acid and pepsin .any portion of the gi tract that comes into contact with gastric secretion is susceptible to ulcer development.
Gi mucosa resulting from diagestive action any portin of GI tract that come in to contact with gastic secretion suspectible to ulcer develop.

. helicobacter pylori infection e.coli oral bleeding
. excessive use of aspirin
.lbuprofenb and anti inflammatory drugs
. excessive smoking and alcohol consumption(cns depress)
. excessive use of oil and spices in deally meals
. obesity (stress)
. stomach cancer
. family history

Pathological changes:-.
.Most colorectal cancer start as a growth in the inner lining of the colon or rectal . these growths are called as polys .some types of polyp are changed into cancer over time ,but not all polyp forms cancer.
. these polyps are adenam atous and arises from the mucosa lining the lumen of the colon and rectum.
.Due to the abnormal genetic mutation in the DNA’s of primary polyp cells ,leads to cancerous polyps .as it grows ,the cancer progress and becomes invasive a penetrates to the muscularis mucosa.


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