Diameter of pelvic:-

pelvic:-two type:-

1. True pelvic

2. False pelvic.

*True pelvic:-

Three types:-



3.outlet .

Diameter of the brim :-

It is devied in to 3 parts:-

1.anterior ,posterior



1.anterior , posterior diameter:-

*It is the line between from the sacral promotory to the upper border of symphasis pubics.

*this diameter is of 3 types.

A.diagonal conjugate.

B.obstetical conjugate.

C.True conjugate.

A.Diagonal conjugate:-

*It is the Line between lower boder of symphasis pubics to mid-point of saccral promotory .

*it is about 12 cm.

B.obstetical conjugate:-

*it is the distance between mid point of saccral promotory bony prominent projection in mid -line of symphasis pubics .

  • It is about 10 cm.
  • C.true conjugate:-
  • *It extened from the saccral promotory to the top of the symphasis pubics.
  • *It is about 11 cm .

2.transverse diametre:-

*It is the distance between the two farthest point on the pelvic brim over the illiopectineal line .

*it is about 13 cm.


*it starts from the sacriliac joint to the opposite illo-pubic eminence .

  • It is about 12 cm.

2 .. cavity of pelvic:-

*The cavity excends from the brief about to the outlet below.

*it is surrounded by the ligaments of pelvic and many bony parts of the pelvic bone.

  • It shape is almost rounded and it consist of in anterior border ,symphasis pubis.in posterior border sacram and in lateral border different of tissues and ligaments are present..
  • * All the diameter of pelvic cavity are some as because it is rounded in save and all the diameters measures 12 cm.

3…diameter of pelvic outlet :-

  • It consist of lower border of all bones of the pelvic cavity.
  • *It comsists of lowe border of symphasis pubis sacro coccyx joint, ischial tubercity .
  • * It shape is anteriorly and posterior oval shape .
  • * It works or helps for the passing of fetus during delivery .
  • It is also known as bonny outlet .

A..Anterior posterior diameter:-

  • Anterior posterior diameter extends from lower border of symphasis pubics to lower part of the coccyx .
  • .it about 13 cm.
  • B… Obligue diameter:-
  • * It extends from right and left of sacrospinus ligaments to obturator foromen.
  • * It is about 12 cm.
  • C… transverse diameter:-
  • * It is between to the ischial tubercity.
  • *It is 11 cm.


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