Development Milestones Age Milestone

Development Milestones
Age Milestone

1 Month Turns head to sound
2 months Social smile develop
3 months Neck Holding
Head Control
Recognize mother
Can follow an object up to 180 degree
4 Months Grasp rattle

5 Months Sits with support
Bidextrous grasp
Rolls over(turns from back to side)
Transfer the object from one hand to another(5 to 7 month)
6 months Produces monosyllable word like ‘da’ ,’ma’
Enjoy watching his own image in the mirror
Purposeful movement in space (6 to 8 month)
Sits in tripode position
7 months Palmer grasp
Stranger anxiety
8 months Crawls in the bed
Sits without support
9 month Stand with support
Pincer grasp
Waves bye-bye
Produce bisyllable word (‘mama’,’baba’)

10 months Crawls and creeps, kepping his abdomen off the ground
Plays peek-a-boo game
1 Year Stand without support
Tries to feed himself with a spoon but spills the contents.
Plays a simple ball game
Can use 2 words with meaning
Tries to build a tower of 2 cubes
13 months Walking without support
15 months Creeping upstairs
Learns to feed himself with spoon without spilling its content.
Makes a tower of 3 cubes

18 months Start running
Can feed himself from cup
Can use 10 words with meaning
Builds tower of 4 cubes
Name pictures
2 Years Walking up and downstairs
Can turn pages of book one at a time
Draw a vertical and horizontal line
Build tower of 7 cubes
Make simple sentences and use pronoun
Can unscrew lids and turn door knobs
Trainable for toilet
30 Months Climbs stair alternating feet
Makes tower of 9 cubes
Refer to self as I and knows full name
Can use past tense, plurals and combined nouns and verb
3 years Rides a tricycle
Stands momentarily on one foot
Draws a circle


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