Calcium salt and calcium regulator

Phycological importance of calcium:-

.Calcium salt in bone provide structural integrity  of the skeleton.

.Calcium is the most abundant
mineral in the body.
. The amount of calcium is  balance among intake ,storage and excretion.
. This balance is controlled by transfer of calcium  among 30 range:-

1. Intestine
.calcium ions is extracellular and cellular fluids is essential to normal function of a host  of biochemical process:-
-neuromuscular excitability and signal transduction
-blood coagulation
-Hormonal secretion
-enzmatic regulation
-neuron excitation

Thyroid & parathyroid gland hormones regulate blood calcium levels:-

calcium-regulate drugs/antihyper calcemic:-

.Antihypercalcemic drugs do not directly affect the parathyroid gland or PTH but rather in Habib bond resorption of calcium .

. these agents are frequently used in the treatment of Paget disease .

.individuals with symptomatic diseases experience bone pain and deformity ,fracture, spinal cord compression or carnival and spinal cord entrapment.

.prototype drug:calcitonin


.Pharmacotherapeutics-treatment of symptomatic paget disease.

.Pharmacokinetics-administered: SC ,im or intranasal.metabolism: kidneys excreted kidney.

. Pharmacodynamics- a synthetic polypeptide with essentially the same action as calcitonin.

.Contraindication and precaution-allergic of Salman.

.Adverse effect-GI. distrubances, skin rashes, flushing of the month face and hands,and nasal irritation or rhinitis (if use nasal spray).

.drug interactions-calcium supplements,antacids,vitaminD,and theophylline.

. Health status -determine if the drop can be administered safely.

Life span and gender- pregnancy category c drugs.

. Life style, diet and Habits- Assess the ability to to comply with long-term therapy.

. Environment -assess environment where the drops will be given.

. Imbalance nutrition- less than body requirements related to GI effects of drug therapy.

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