1.Drug for PCM poisoning :- N acetylecystine (mucomyst)

  1. DOC for Acute Asthma:- Salbutamol

3.DOC for Chronic Asthma:- Salmetrol

4.Drug of choice for bipolar disorder:- Lithium

5.Drug of choice for mania:- Lithium

7.Drug of choice for chronic mania:-Lithum

8.Drug of choice for hyperkalamia:- Kayxalate/sodium natropuroside/insuline+dextrose

9.Drug of choice for Ketoacidosis:- Insuline+dextrose

10.Prophylaxis for Asthma:-Montalucast

11.Drug for Digitalis Toxicity:-Digibind

12.Drug of choice for Acute migraine:-Sumatripatan

13 Drug of choice for ADHD:-Methylphenidate(Amphetamine)

14.Drug of choice for Alzeihmers disease:-Tacrine/donepzil/Rivastigmine

15.Drug of choice for Myasthenia gravis:-Neostigmine

16.Drug of choice for Anaphylactic Shock:-Adrenaline

17.Drug of choice for Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy/Lactation:-Propylthiouracil

18.Drug of choice for Atonic Seizures:-Sodium valproate

19.Drug of choice for Febrile Seizures:-Diazepam

20.Antidote for Aspirine poisoning:-Sodium bicarbonate

21.Antidote for organophosphate poisoning:-Atropine

22.Drug of choice for Central Diabetic Insipidus:-Vasoprassin/desmopressin

23.DOC for Chemotherapy induced vomiting:-Ondasteron

24.DOC for chloroquine resistant malaria:-Quinine

25.DOC for cholera:Tetracycline

26.Antidote for Benzodiazapine poisoning:-Flumazenil

27.Antidote for Barbiturate poisoning:-Sodium bicarbonate 

28.Antidote for Atropine poisoning:-Physostigmine

29.DOC for Chese reaction:-Phentolamine

30.DOC for Acute Gout:-Indomethacin

31.DOC for Chronic Gout:-Allopurinol

32.DOC for complicated Malaria:-Artesunate

33.Antidote for Cyanide poisoning:-Amyl nitrate

34.DOC for Depression:-Any of SSRI                 drug(Citalopram,Escitalopram,Fluoetine,Paroxetine,Sertraline,Vilazodone)

35.DOC for disease modifying anti Rheumatic drug(DMARD):-Methotrexate

36.DOC for drug induced parkinson disease:-Benzhexol

37.Choice of Muscle relaxant for Endotracheal intubation:-Succinylcholine

38.Choice for Relaxant for ECT:-succinylcholine

39.Treatment of choice for severe Depression:-ECT

40.DOC for Enteric Fever:-Ceftrixone

41.DOC for Epilepsy in pregnancy:-Lamotrigine

42.Antidote for Fibrinolytics:-Aminocaproic acid

43.DOC for BPH(Benign prostate hypertrophy):-Prozosin

44.Antidote for Heparine Toxicity:-Protamine sulphate

45.prophylaxis for herpes:-Acyclovir

46.prophylaxis for rheumatic fever:-Benzathaine penicilline

47.prophylaxis for MI:-Asprine

48.DOC for Malaria:-Chloroquine 

49.DOC for hypertensive emergency:-Sodium nitroprusside

50.DOC for hypertension in pregnancy:-Lobetalol

51.DOC for Eclampsia:-Mgso4

52.DOC for Hypothyroidism:-Levothyroxin

53.DOC for hypovolemic Shock:-IV fluids

54.Antidote for Iron toxicity :-Desferoxamine

55.DOC for Methanol poisoning:-Fomepizole

56.DOC FOR Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus :- Vencomycin

57.Mydriatic of choice in Adults:-Tropicamide

58.Mydriatic of choice in children:-Atropine

59.DOC for syphillis:-Benzathine penicilline

60.DOC for noctural enuresis :- Desmopressin/imipramine

61.DOC for obsessive compulsive disorders:-SSRI


62.Antidote for Opiod poisoning:-Nalaxone

  1. DOC for oral hypoglycemic drug in obese :- metformine

64.DOC for oral hypoglycemic drug in thin:-Sulfonylureas

65.DOC for cardiogenic Shock:-Dobutamine

66.DOC for cardiogenic Shock with Oligourea:-Dopamine

67.Doc for Status Epilepticus:-Mgso4

68.DOC for prevent surgical site infection:-Cefazolin

69.Doc for patent ductus arteriosus:-Indomethacin

70.Doc for PPH:-Carbaprost

71.Doc for Anovulation:-Clomiphene Citrate

72.Antidote for warferin:- Vita. K

73.DOC for Parkinson disease:-Levodopa+carbdopa

74.DOC for hyperprolactinemia:-Bromocriptine


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