🦴Classification of Bones🦴

🦴Classification of Bones🦴
The adult skeleton is composed of 206 bones and there are two basic types of osseous, or bone, tissue: compact bone and spongy bone, and are classified into four groups according to shape: long, short, flat, and irregular.

➕Compact bone. Compact bone is dense and looks smooth and homogeneous.

➕Spongy bone. Spongy bone is composed of long, needle-like pieces of bone and lots of open space.

➕Long bones. Long bones are typically longer than they are wide; as a rule, they have a shaft with heads at both ends, and are mostly compact bone.

➕Short bones. Short bones are generally cube-shaped and mostly contains spongy bone; sesamoid bones, which form within tendons, are a special type of short bone.

➕Flat bones. Flat bones are thin, flattened, and usually curved; they have two thin layers of compact bone sandwiching a layer of spongy bone between them.

Irregular bones. Bones that do not fit one of the preceding categories are called irregular bones.


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