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🔵 Otitis media #shortnote


“It is an inflammation of middle ear that most often occur in infants and young children but can occur any age”.

clinical manifestations:-





.hear loss.

. irritability

. tympanic membrane erythema ,may be perforated.


1.acute otitis media.

2.chronic otitis media.

1.Acute otitis media:-

“It is an acute inflammation of the middle ear , usually lasting less than 6 weeks”


Diagnostic evaluation:-

History collection, physical examination, otoscopic examination, culture, audiometry &tympanometry.


. chronic otitis media

. hearing loss

. perforation

.poor speech develop.


(, medical management):-

. antibiotics

. analgesic

. antihistamine

(Surgical management):-

. myringotomy or tympanometry

(incision in the tympanic membrane).

2. Chronic otitis media:-


“it is a long standing infection of a part of whole of the middle year characterised by ear discharge and permanent perforation”.


“inflammation of the middle ear that lasts for more than 6weeks”


Inappropriate treatment of acute otitis media.

.URTI, Allergy rhinitis.

. Breast feeding.

.long time group child care.

. Eustachian tube deformity.

.setal deviation ,

.cleft palate ,


Clinical manifestations:-

. hearing loss.

. otorrhea



( medical management):-

.carefully suctioning of the ear under microscopeic guidance.

. institution of antibiotics drops.

(surgical management):-

.tympano plasty.


(surgical reconstruction of the middle ear bones to restore hearing)


-Middle ear inflammation.
-Pathogens: Strep. pneumo, nontypeable H. influenzae, Moraxella.
-75% occur <10 years old, especially 6-18 months.

●Risk factors
-Bottle-feeding and dummy use.
-Anatomical malformations.

●Signs and symptoms
:Acute otitis media:
-Sudden pain and fever.
-Inflammed, bulging ear drum, or purulent discharge and resolution of pain if it has burst.
-May follow URTI.
-Other possible symptoms: irritability, anorexia, and vomiting.

:Chronic otitis media:
-Several months of symptoms.
-Fluid discharge.

-Usually self-resolves within 3 days, but can last up to 1 week.
-Consider amoxicillin for 5 days if: perforated tympanic membrane (and/or discharge in ear canal), ≥4 days symptoms, or bilateral OM <2 years old.

-Glue ear.
-Chronic suppurative otitis media: foul discharge, ↓hearing, drum perforation
-Infection spread: mastoiditis, petrositis, labyrinthitis, meningitis.
-Facial palsy.

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