Conduct Disorder (CD)

-Pattern of engaing in behaviors that violate social norms & the rights of others, and are often illegal

🔴 Conduct Disorder (CD)

📍Cruelty towards other people or animals
📍Damaging property
📍Often a\w viciousness, callousness & lack of remorse

*Predisposing to anti-social personality

✅ DSM-5 Criteria for CD
(See the picture 👇)

💡most often diagnosed in boys (4 – 16%) but may be as prevalent in girls (1.2 – 9%)

✅ Etiology of CD

📍Genetic factors
*Genetics a stronger influence when behaviors begin in childhood rather than adolescent

📍Environmental factors

📍Neurobiological factors

📍Psychological factors

📍Peer influences a\w CD
*Rejection by peers
*Affiliation with deviant peers

📍Sociocultural factors
*Urban environment

✅ Two distinct types of CD :

📍Life-course-persistent pattern of antisocial behavior (10-15x more common in boys than girls) & may a\w :
*Academic underdevelopment
*Neuropsychological deficits
*Family psychotherapy
*Poorer physical health
*Lower SES
*Violent behaviors


✅ Disorders related to CD :

📍Intermittent explosive disorder :
-recurrent verbal or physical aggressive outbrusts that are out of proprtion to the circumstances
-aggression is impulsive & not preplanned

📍Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
-behaviours do not meet criteria for CD (especially extreme physical aggressiveness)
-but child displays pattern of defiant behavior :
*Loses temper
*Lack of compliance
*Deliberately aggravates others
*Blames other for own problems

📍Comorbid with ADHD, learning & communication disorders

💡Disruptive behaviors of ODD more deliberate than ADHD

📍Substance abuse (common)

📍Comorbid with anxiety & depression
*Comorbidity rates (15-45%)
*CD precedes anxiety & depressive

✅ Rx of CD

📍Family intervention
-family check-ups (FCU)
-parental management train (PMT) -> teach parents to reward prosocial behavior

📍Multisystemic therapy


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